How to Take Care of Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease
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How to Take Care of Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease is the ability to recall past memories and the failure to remember recent experiences. If you notice your parent has this capacity, chances are, he or she is suffering from this disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain syndrome that gradually causes memory loss. It affects a person’s mind and work. The thinking power of a person is slowly deteriorating over time. Medications are a big help and so is family support. Thinking ahead and winning the battle on dementia. You may consider senior care treatment through memory care and family support from senior home health care.

Show of Love

memory careLet’s face it. Some seniors are hard to deal with. They do not want to be told what to do. They do what they want and always insist that they know best. You can make them feel loved by doing little things with them.

If your parents love to cook, spend time with them in the kitchen. Give them simple tasks to do like sorting out vegetable leaves. This easy task makes them feel useful and loved.

Laugh Together

You and your parents have enjoyed a laugh before. Remind them of those times. Laughter is still the best medicine.

Physical Touch

Like a small child, hug your parents. Sleep next to them, even only for a short nap and hold their hands. Touch them as they want to feel important. They have this insecurity of uselessness. A simple touch can do wonders for them.

No Arguments

Instead of arguing with them, try to distract attention by soothing them. Persons with this disease are fond of repeating things. It is inevitable. You have to avoid being too critical. Whenever possible, change the topic. Never let them see your disappointment, frustration and boredom. These reactions injure their self-esteem.

Always see to it that your tone is positive and friendly. Stick to everyday topics like the weather, food, and their hobbies. Try to veer away from abstract topics that require a lot of thinking such as politics.

senior home health careListen

Parents need a listening ear. Whenever they are relating anecdotes of long ago, listen to them seriously and take down notes inside your mind. Accompany them to the doctor. Tell the medical practitioner about their reactions.


Seniors have a different diet. You have to break the monotony by cooking their favorite dish from the past. It can remind them of the times they cooked for you. This can make them feel younger and stronger.

Family Support

It is essential that you ask help from family members. Take turns in making your parents feel loved. Play cards and bingo with them. Look at old pictures with the family and reminisce the good old days when they were younger.

Alzheimer’s diseases may be a frustrating condition, but with your constant support and love, you can help your parents feel a lot better.