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Tedeschi Food Shops’ employees donate to the Life is Good Playmakers Foundation and SSYMCA
12.23.2014 |  Tedeschi Food Shops’ employees donate to the Life is Good Playmakers Foundation and SSYMCA...
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Real Estate

We're growing!

Tedeschi Food Shops is among the fastest growing retail organizations in New England. We are constantly on the lookout for additional locations on which to site our next store. We are particularly focused on locations in Southern Maine, New Hampshire and suburban or urban Massachusetts.

Property owners and brokers who have a potential site should keep the following in mind:

Site Criteria

  • Our first preference is for a location of approximately 4,000 square feet that will accommodate a state-of-the-art combination self-service gasoline station with a first-class convenience center (including deli, coffee and ATM). Typically the site would be a minimum of one acre, with 200 feet of frontage.
  • If a gas station is not feasible, we will explore existing or undeveloped sites suitable for freestanding convenience centers in areas that will support a food service operation. Typically, such sites would be a minimum half-acre with 150 feet of frontage.
  • Although freestanding stores are preferred, we will consider quality strip centers with high visibility (end caps preferred) and easy access. The area must also support a food service operation. Direct access to a strong residential or industrial base is important.
  • Locations should be on a well-traveled, numbered route. Traffic flow should be at least 15,000 cars per day, with a population of at least 5,000 within a two-mile radius. Suburban sites (and, if possible, urban sites) should also have adequate parking.
  • We prefer to purchase real estate, with leasing as an alternative.

Situations We Avoid

  • Locations on divided highways, unless the site is at an intersection with easy site access.
  • Sites with poor access or limited parking.
  • Sites on curved roadways or with limited visibility.
  • In-line spaces within a retail strip center (although high visibility end caps will be considered).
  • Sites that will support only a convenience store, and are unable to support gasoline sales or food service (deli, coffee, ATM).

We’d like to hear from you!
If you have a real estate site you feel may be right for the next Tedeschi Food Shops location, let us know.

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